Royal Bastards – Book Review

Royal Bastards (Royal Bastards, #1)Royal Bastards by Andrew Shvarts

My rating: 1 of 5 stars

“I suppose honor can mean whatever we twist it to mean.”

Before I begin, I just want to add that I don’t easily give 1 star ratings to books. It’s just that… very few things in my life annoy me to death and this book is no exception as it just got blacklisted *oops* 🙂

For those who have been following my updates on this book on my Goodreads profile know that this story hooked me from the start. I even told my friends that it was getting me out of a reading slump that wedged itself onto me from the first week of June. The synopsis alone could get you out of it… I just know it. We have bastards from different royal houses, a princess, and a bunch of asshole-ish parents that want to take down the mages, but are also against each other? So, these bastards: Tella, Jax, Zell and Miles and the princess (who wanted to know what it’s like to be in a bastard’s shoes) were unfortunate to witness something that they shouldn’t have, can you guess what happens next? Yes, they got Framed. Interesting huh? I think so too. The first 70% of the book was basically characters getting to know each other, there were cliché moments here and there, some action, the writing was decent and most of all, it seemed like there were some leading areas that could have kept me on the look out for any twists and turns, which are all things that deserve a pat on the back. But boiiii did I get a twist at around 73% mark … as I ended up being the victim of witnessing some child throwing tantrums like it’s his purpose in this life. And, I kid you not when I say that I felt like the book that I initially read… disappeared out of thin air because what the fork was that??

“How in the frozen hell had Miles managed to come up with a novel-length backstory but hadn’t remembered that buying things costs money?”
um because he dum dum, duh.

The clichéd scenes from the beginning multiplied, it became all-talk, no-show as the characters were riding horses more than half of the time, characters may have been finding ish about each other but it was just like asking a complete stranger to play 20 questions with you. OH WAIT, that’s exactly what happened… they played a round of truth and shots? and haha, it was.. just.. freakin… great :))) That’s all the character development you get :)) and from there, it all went straight to Hell. The child, as I mentioned previously, saw something he should’ve seen coming from miles away but did he accept and let it go? NOOO, instead, he went looking for his mommy with his “destroy the world, i don’t care attitude.. i just want blah blah”.

“You’ll remember who you are. You’ll see. We’ll fix this. We’ll fix it all.”


On the other hand, we have a couple that I was actually rooting for (to get together) because I could tell that there was some chemistry between them but of course that also ended up disappointing me … their very first lovey dovey interaction aka The Pool Scene was flat and cringey as hell and completely unnecessary??? Lastly, the inevitable plot twist that’s not even a plot twist and WAR and all that ish had me all:


I felt betrayed and confused by how this book turned out and I apologize for being salty about it 🙂 this is all purely subjective so for those who have already read and enjoyed it, kudos!


“I’d spent my whole life torn between two worlds because of my birth, craving the comforts of one while living the reality of the other. Lyriana was torn, too, but she was torn by choice, throwing away one world because she felt a duty to the other.”

Is this book on your TBR? For those who already read it, did you enjoy it? Comment your thoughts down below 🙂 

Thank you for checking out this post, I hope that you all have a lovely day and a very happy reading! ❤


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