Hello everyone!
My name is Maram and welcome to my bookish blog! 😀

My bookish facts:
– My preferred genres include YA, fantasy, and contemporaries.
– 🙂 The title of my blog plays a huge factor in my reading schedule 🙂
– I don’t usually listen to music while reading, although there are exceptions such as the song having to match with the scene/theme of my current read.
– You will always find me with a drink (hot chocolate or coffee) while reading.
– I prefer to read books in paper format rather than an e-format, however both uses are equally convenient for me.
– I obsessively hoard books and I’m perfectly okay with that… xD
– I also like to mix up genres with my current reads 😀
– I’ve tried reading classics but only found a few that I really enjoyed (oops)
– I have a hard time finishing book series but who doesn’t anyway? (I’m working on it though)

Thanks for taking the time to check out my blog, I hope that you all have a lovely day and a very happy reading! 🙂