Rapid Fire Book Tag

I wasn't tagged by anyone for this but rather came across it in one of Owlcrate's videos; it seems quick, simple and fun so I'm very excited to finally answer these questions! The Rapid Fire Book Tag was created by @GirlReading on her YouTube channel 🙂 E-Book or Physical Book? Physical book all the waaayyyy. … Continue reading Rapid Fire Book Tag



I was mentioned by Frankie @athousandlivesoffrankielovely , Danielle @lifeofaliterarynerd and tagged by Solomon @thebookishking to do this fun tag, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND YOU CHECKING THEM ALL OUT (awesomeness alert)!!! The MID-YEAR BOOK FREAK OUT tag is created by Read Like Wildfire and Earl Grey Books on their YouTube channels 🙂 I tried my best to not … Continue reading MID-YEAR BOOK FREAK OUT TAG

This-Is-My-Truth-Now: Book Tag

I have been tagged by Frankie @ athousandlivesoffrankielovely to participate in this fun book-themed version tag of Truth-or-Dare created by James @ thisismytruthnow This is my first time being tagged on this blog so thank you Frankie, I’m really excited to answer these awesome questions! Rules Create your own new post and call it “Tag: … Continue reading This-Is-My-Truth-Now: Book Tag